Akhmed Bilalov:

”We can create the infrastructure in the North Caucasus similar to the Alpine”
Akhmed Bilalov
Well-known politician, a figure of international importance, and a successful Russian entrepreneur. He has completed multiple projects and showed his skills every time setting the bar up high. No matter where he was he has shown his character of a strong man.
Tourism potential in the North Caucasus
The Caucasus is full of history and ancient cities, among them is Derbent. It is the most ancient city in Russia, inhabited 5000 years ago; around 46 languages are spoken here. Derbent occupies the narrow gateway between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains connecting the Eurasian Steppe to the north and the Iranian Plateau to the south.
Akhmed Bilalov directors of the North Caucasus resort.
On October 14, 2010 president Medvedev has initiated the signing of a decree on the creation of a tourist cluster in the North Caucasus Federal District, Krasnodar Territory, and the Republic of Adygea. Akhmed Bilalov has been appointed to be the chairman of the board of directors of the Northern Caucasus resort.
At that time In south Russia, a large-scale project for the construction of new world-class resorts has been launched, among them, three have already been launched, Arkhyz, Elbrus, and Veduchi.
A cable car and two ski slopes, the first attraction for tourists, was opened in the resort of Arkhyz in 2013.
The main task of the project was to create 1 million job opportunities, to attract up to 20 million tourists by 2020, which would solve all the socio-economic issues of the region.
Bison in the Caucasus
Today 3 resorts of the North Caucasus are open
1. Arkhyz
2. Elbrus
3. Veduchi